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Toplita 172, com. Malureni, Arges, ROMANIA

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+40.751.021.763; Fax: +40.248.765.105

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The Company EURO PRO CONSTRUCT 2004 SRL was founded in 2004. Over the enthusiasm of the beginnings and of youthful as well, of great importance was the vast experience of the associates, in the production of semi-finished wood products (timber, veneer, plywood and fiberboard), gained in the work they previously filed, as managers to the largest industrial wood processing complex in Romania.


This experience, together with the necessary resources, has led to a continuous and harmonious development of the Company, so that, for the time being, the work is carried out on the production platform of Malureni, Arges, with an endowment that includes high performance machineries ensuring high quality and finesse, for the current obtained products (Beech timber, mainly).


In addition to appropriate technical equipment, of same importance is the raw material thet we use in the production. The company has large and constant access to resources of high quality logs, from the Beech forest basins of southern Romanian Carpathian mountains.


Last but not least, our advantageous location, both near the sources of raw materials and also in the proximity of the logistic network connection to port Constanta, is leading to a judicious control of the production costs and of shipment operations, and,  thus the ability to offer very competitive prices and prompt delivery dates.

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