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The European Beech is one of the finest wood and a very suitable specie to machine operations as sawing, planing, form bending, carving or turning.

It is of common knowledge that Romania is one of the major areas for this kind of wood.

Our Company, currently, produces square edged Beech timber, KD, from carefully selected high quality logs.

General characteristics:

♦  Precision cutting, ensuring the observance of the allowed tolerances to the cutting sizes;
♦  Anti-fungus chemical treatment with the use of ecological solutions that entirely provide the appearance of mold or other pests;
♦  Specialized steaming facilities, computer assisted;
♦  Drying at 10% +/-2%, in computer-controlled process, closely watched (including remote control, if the case) as to obtain from production a high quality Beech timber (without internal cracks);
♦  Palletizing in a single length per package.


♦  Thicknesses: 25 mm / 50 mm / 80 mm

(nominal sizes at delivery, in 10% +/- 2% moisture content).

Note: on request, we can produce other thicknesses such as 32 mm / 38 mm / 43 mm / 60 mm, etc.

♦  Lengths:

2.10 m - 3.90 m - long;

1.80 m - 2.00 m - medium;

1.00 m - 1.70 m - short;

0.45 m - 0.95 m - super short.

♦  Width:

10 cm and more (average 14-16 cm), for the long, medium and short;

8cm and more (average 12 to 13 cm) to super short.


♦  Oversizes between 0 and 9 cm to long, medium and short. (Ex. 1.52 m is measured as 1.50 m; 1.59 m is measured  in 1.50 m,  as well). Measuring gap of lengths: from 10 to 10 cm.

♦  Oversizes between 0 and 4 cm long to super short. (Ex. 0.72 m is measured as 0.70 m  ; 0.74 m is measured  in 0.70 m,  as well). Measuring gap of lengths: from 5 to 5 cm.


A / B


♦ one length on package;

♦ package strapping in steel or polypropylene belts;

- packaging marked with IPPC stamp.


Usual - package number, thickness, no. of pieces, cubing (volume). Additionally a text / logo may applied on sides of the pallets, according to Customer's request.

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